An essential service that helps you operate your business in a legal and responsible manner globally.

The details of a corporation can be confusing and complicated, especially when the corporation is small. Our Corporate Registration and administration services will make sure your corporation is formed, registered, and in compliance with the law. In addition, we act as a Representative to firms providing corporate advice and help you navigate the ins and outs of the law. Our service representative take care of the administrative of your business, so that you can focus on your day-to-day operations.

Corporate Registration

CAC Registration in Nigeria

Lets help you to Register your Business name with CAC, Company and NGO Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC in Nigeria.

We Professionally incorporate your Business, Company and Organization Name irrespective of location remotely.

Offering you the full suite of administration tools, whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Our Administrative solutions is right for you.


We guarantee processing completion within 14 working days for Enterprise & Limited Companies and 28 days for incorporating an NGO.


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Corporate Registration

US and UK Corporate Registration

Incorporating a limited liability company (LLC) provides liability protection for any type of business, and should be among the first steps you take as a new business owner. Starting an LLC can help you protect your personal assets while adding legitimacy to your company. We help those outside the US & UK to incorporate their Business & Corporation in collaboration with our international company partners. This comes with many benefits including Bank Account and EIN.


We guarantee processing completion within few days


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Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.
Protect Your Personal Assets

Registering your business as a separate legal entity, prevent you from being personally responsible for the debts of your business.

Keep your Brand Name

You are not a legal owner of any name been used in transacting Business till its legally registered with the rightful authority.

Build Trust & Credibility

Establishing your identity provides the benefit of letting your potential customers and investors that your business is legitimate and here to stay.

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I Appreciate their service, they are very professional in processing registrations. I got my Home care center registered with them and filled in the CAC. They are also fast and can explain all required information in details.
Macfaith Home Care Nursing Agency, Nigeria
When i needed to commence my business officially, i was recommended to get it processed through GIT and i can highly recommend their service because its fast, and they document it the right way as required by the Nigeria government and now am fully in Business.
Zion Unique Builders International, Nigeria
I needed to open my Business Branch in Nigeria and when i contacted them, they got it registered and documents was ready even when i never imagine. They are trusted and i love them. Please partner with them without fear.
Lukzoo Marketplace, UK