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Lets Register your Business Name, Company, NGO

Be a Good Citizen with a Recognized Brand

Give your Business a corporate Boost & Brand by first getting it secured and register with the Nigeria Government Regulation of Corporate Affairs Commission. We Process and deliver within 14 Working Days anywhere in Nigeria at the best rate with FREE business consult support services.

Corporate Identity

Registering your Business & Organization gives you a corporate identity for your Brand that makes you to standout among other Businesses.

Corporate Bank Account Opening

You can open a corporate account with your Brand Name at any Bank of your Choice. This will enable Potential customers feel more comfortable paying into your corporate account because they know their money is safe.

Confidence & Trust

When your Business is registered, clients trust you; see you as legit and reliable which help to build their confident in your ability to deliver.

Loan & Contract Opportunities

When your Business or Organization is registered you can apply for loans and grants as well have better access to investors and Private/Government Contracts openings as they look at the business structure first before investing and awarding any contract.

Legal & Brand Covering

It enhances the reputation & perception view of your business to prospective clients. Your Brand name will be secured & Cant be used by anyone else.

Reputation & Continuity

With a registered business, you can easily obtain a visa and travel to any country for business purposes etc. As well, your business continues especially when you have the right structure in place. This is why we are here to offer Our Corporate Service to you.

We Will use our expertise to Register your Brand with the
Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Focus on your day to day activities while we handle all the stressful part of setting up the corporate structure and Branding with a Success track record and fast forward Techniques with the Commission.

cac registration in Nigeria


A Business Name means the name and style under which a business is carried on. A Business Name may be a Sole Proprietorship or a Partnership.

It is a Sole Proprietorship if it is carried on by an Individual or a Corporate Body solely. It is a Partnership if it is carried on by two or more Individuals or Corporate Bodies or a combination of Individuals and Corporate Bodies.


A company is an entity on its own, governed by the concept of going concern, and is bigger than the persons who formed it.

A Company may be public or private. The name of a Company must end with the word Limited/Ltd (or as applicable)

cac registration in Nigeria
cac registration in Nigeria


An NGO’s is a Non for Profit groups organized for a common interest and perform various functions.

An Incorporated Trustees is the registered trustees of a Not-for-Profit Association i.e. an NGO. They are exempted from paying Tax in Nigeria.

What Our Clients Say!

I Appreciate their service, they are very professional in processing registrations. I got my Home care center registered with them and filled in the CAC. They are also fast and can explain all required information in details.
Macfaith Home Care Nursing Agency, Nigeria.
when i needed to commence my Business officially, I was recommended to get it processed through GIT and i can highly recommend their service because its fast, and they document it the right way as required by the Nigeria government and now am fully in Business.
Zion Unique Builders International, Nigeria.
I Needed to open my Business Branch in Nigeria and when i contacted them, they got it registered and documents was ready even when i never imagined. They are trusted and i love them. Please partner with them without fear.
Lukzoo Marketplace, From UK


GIT International is a dully registered company with the commission since 2015 and we offer various services ranging from ICT Services, Consultancy & Branding. We have successfully registered huge numbers of Businesses, Companies and NGO with the commission with a very Good and Excellent remark from our Clients for over 5+ years.

  • We Provide Experienced Service
  • Flexible Packages
  • Standout Brand
  • Free Consultation
  • Pay less for More and
  • We have 2 Delivery options both as E-Copy which can be delivered via Online or Printed Copy which is sent to your Doorstep all around Nigeria Only.

This packages is on its Promo Service fees, making you to have Great Dicount on either the Basic Registeration Plan where we will Register your Business/Company/NGO and Provide to you all the Documents as approved within the stipulated time Or The Premuim Package which included Branded Materials like Logo, Letterheads, Business Card, T-shirt etc all with your Brand.

In line with the new policy of the Corporate Affairs Commission since the Covid19 Outbreak, All Registrations are now strictly online. Hence, once you have selected your preferred package, you will be required to send in the required details and identity via our Business Whatsapp link above or Email. In some cases, Arrangement can be made for Pickup.

Depending on the plan of your Choice, Requirement will be communicated immediately after your Order for our Service. Basically, your Bio-Data i.e. Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Preferred Business Name, Address of Business, What your Business is into and your Means of Identification are the most required while for Trustees, Newspaper publication details will be collected.etc.

Basically, All Business Name and Company limited by Shares is been registered and delivered to you within 14 Working Days while NGO has a 6 weeks Period as a result of the mandatory 1 Month Newspaper publication.

Kindly Click here to Chat with us on Whatsapp or Call 08028674374/08166889151/+13018570075 (Int’l Clients Only)

All Payments are Fully Online Payment for its respective package. However, If you need to try our service by Paying twice, Kindly Contact Us. However, You are guarantee of a Diligence Service with us as we are into the Business of Registration and our Clients Registration is our Topmost Priorities.

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